The progress of the M.O.V.E.R.S.

                                                                                                                           … CEASE FIRE …                                         
                                                                                         A  unified Movement to Peace Targeting the Decade of Doom
                                            The Gpp Foundation Inc. unite with the M.O.V.E.R.S Inc. is honored to host, CEASEFIRE event. 

The Gpp Foundation Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The founders and visionaries are Min. Paul and Linder Martin. This foundation is a 
faith-based service organization that seeks to meet the needs of all people. We help the fallen, the lost, the least, and those that are called Unsalvageable. We all will fall down; with a little help, many can and do get back up. Our goal is to increase the numbers of those that get up, then those that stay down.  

  The M.O.V.E.R.S. organization, is also a faith - 
based organization, of anointed and appointed Men of Valor, of Honor, exemplifies Righteousness, Spirituality, Strength, and strives for a greater level of holiness. Dr. Darryl Chapman is the founder and visionary. He is connected with likeminded men, that realize they are ordained to exhibit; Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Friendships, Principled,  Self-awareness, Business minded, Proud, Honorable, yet, Humbled. We show ourselves as we truly are, flawed man that is forever working to be the best men we can be. Nobody has reached the top, but we should always strive to be the best men, that we can be.

The purpose of bringing the CEASEFIRE initiative to Georgia is simply to try and save our 
loved one lives. It’s hard to except the Murders and Homicides that already have snatched the countless lives of our innocent loved once. To think that our youth might be the perpetrator revenging the lives of another youth, in our neighborhoods and communities is really unacceptable. The reality is, we can’t totally stop these senseless deaths, not all at once, but our goal is to work to make as large of a dent as possible. Ceasefire is one of the many means as a deterrent, if we can help another youth from taking that wrong step, if cooler heads could be used,  perhaps someone will live another day, someone’s loved ones won’t have to bury their loved one days or weeks later. 

Many people might say this isn’t our responsibility, we’re not the police that correct, and we should have more power, first - hand 
knowledge, because these are our children. Let’s be real about this, no disrespect to the police, but they can’t be everywhere, and their only able to do their job when they know the danger is first present and second, usually after a crime has been committed. But you and I know, when our youth isn’t where they should be, if their acting a little strange, or we see the friends they keep, their behavior is off. We know how we raised our children, and we know how we didn’t, it’s our own responsibly we raise our youth with honor, character, self-respect, and pride. By not doing that, you increased the chance of you and someone else’s, receiving a devastating phone call, or a doorbell ringing at 3:00 in the morning, or the knock at the door, and hearing those crushing words, “we regret to inform you of the death of your loved one.  One or two love one isn’t coming  back home.

 Let’s face it, we need help, not just talk about, we have to move to organize and take some type of action. Min. David Milliner and Dr. Chapman of the M.O.V.E.R.S. ORG. introduced the CEASE FIRE initiative to Albany Ga. twice Last yr 2017; it got many likes interest response from law enforcement and city government. So we decided to introduce this initiative to other neighborhoods, communities, in Georgia. If we can get people these cities involved we could start the mission in those neighborhoods and communities.  

Recently the AJC stated that in 2018 you’re more likely to get shot to death in Ga. than in New York.
 Dated 3-12-18 203 youth wounded and 113 youth death
From the: Brady center  Over
17,000+ American children and teens are injured or killed each year due to gun violence. This means nearly 46 youth are shot every day, including 7 fatalities. The Brady Center is working nationwide every day to reduce the threat gun violence poses to our children in homes and communities.

A little background on Ceasefire youth program

CEASEFIRE is a youth violence program that originated from the initiative called Cure
violence, founded in 1995 by a Dr Gary Slutkin in Chicago Illinois. Dr. Gary Slutkin is a physician, epidemiologist, infectious disease control specialist and Founder and Executive Director of Cure Violence. Dr. Slutkin is recognized as an innovator in violence prevention. He approached violence as a Public Health Threat, just like a contagious decease, that could be eradicated. The Cure Violence model is being copied in 50 sites in over 16 US cities and seven countries abroad.  Our goal is to assist in setting a dialog, and a means to curve, slow down, and hopefully stop youth violence.

We are asking Parents, schools, churches, recreation centers, Police officers, youth detention 
and  judges, to help us help our youth. Many of us  know  a  youth that is or might be  having some issues, perhaps even facing some time, let’s focus on a plan that might prove to work.


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We extend knowledge we’ve gained and pass it on to unlock potential, and develop habits last a lifetime.

OUR, society today, has found itself repeating our past, Why? because we forgot, where we come from, who we are, and who our creator is our why we are here. Motivational speakers promote you to be the best you can be, that we can come up out of our current circumstance.  Yes, we are overcomers, we are ordained to great things in this society today. But, when we get up, we must never forget our past and we must teach our history. HOW CAN WE GO FORWARD, WITHOUT KNOWING OUR PAST.   

Let's Give them a New Story for History.

​Dr. Darryl Chapman