CT Vivian

Dr. Darryl Chapman Sr.


"  If you don't know OUR past are doomed to repeat it."

A true statement, Dr. Chapman believes that education, self-awareness, integrity rooted in faith is the key component. 

ABOUT  US the M.O.V.E.R.S.

       Dr. Chapman message of Love



​​Dr. Chapman saw the need in our people and community slowly deteriorating, self destructing from within, instead of just talking about the problem, he prayed and looked into himself for a answer. Realizing that the problem has become generational he formed this organization to educate, motivate and inspire men to build from within, our families and our communities. Dr. Chapman (taking direction from God) has called men, including professional and spiritual leaders, young and our elders to take part in our growth and  self awareness.

The Horn of Pain. this horn was used to call the slaves out of the field.